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Full set of all 81 stable elements in acrylic cubes in

wooden periodic table

4,990 Euro Now promotional price: 4,790 Euro
                                 incl. free shipping in Germany and Austria!


You get all 81 samples stable elements from hydrogen to bismuth sealed in glass ampoules embedded in absolutely clear acrylic glass. These glass ampoules are stored safety in a walnut periodic table which is lightened by 180 powerful LED.

You can also order your personal style periodic table made out of maple, oak wood, mahogany or zebrano wood, just to mention the most important. SMT is delivering full periodic tables to universities, companies but also private persons.

We are able to deliver lightening in many different colours, the different areas in the periodic table can be lightened by different colours, making your wooden periodic table a unique piece.

With a periodic table you can appreciate your areas which are open to customers, in schools and universities these periodic tables will fascinate your students!

If you do not find any element what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!

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